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As we age our muscles become weaker and our bodies don’t behave the same way they used to. Many women suffer from bladder issues. But the good news is that we can help! Dr. Mackey has a variety of treatment options available to improve or even cure your bladder issues.


Significant bodily stress such as childbirth can also damage the part of the vaginal wall that supports the bladder causing stress incontinence. Some women experience urge incontinence which is caused by urinary muscle spasms. Multiple pregnancies, being overweight, and genetic weaknesses can increase your risk…[read more]

Overactive Bladder

You’re not alone. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that over 40% of American women suffer from overactive bladder. There are numerous treatments for overactive bladder…[read more]

Bladder Prolapse

Bladder prolapse can be caused by childbirth, menopause, and even frequent lifting or straining. Lifting heavy objects…[read more]

Bladder Surgery

There are a few different surgical options that provide relief from bladder prolapse. Which one is right for you depends on the position of your bladder and what measures your body can handle…[read more]

Bladder Medications

Sometimes a simple medication can relieve your bladder symptoms…[read more]