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Time to talk about fertility

Women who are having difficulty getting pregnant may wonder whether something is ‘wrong’ with them. A typical starting point for a fertility evaluation is when a woman has not gotten pregnant after one year of trying. For women over 35 we typically consider evaluation after six months of trying. And for women with very irregular periods, evaluation can be done at Any Time.

Fertility Evaluations

The fertility evaluation seeks to find all those things necessary for getting pregnant. Here is the list of areas that we look at, and the related tests…[read more]


Periods must be regular in order to conceive.  If you are NOT getting regular monthly periods, come see us SOON. If you get regular monthly periods and you do not get pregnant in 6-12 months…[read more]

Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant is easier for some than for others. There are a few rules to follow when trying to get pregnant…[read more]

Trouble Conceiving

When all else has failed there are a treatment options to try and resolve the issues…[read more]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS is not just one disorder. Every patient has some combination of factors to “get” the diagnosis, but it is rare that PCOS is the exact same for any two patients…[read more]