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There’s more than just a pill

Contraception comes in many different forms to fit your needs at every stage in life. Whether you are looking for interim birth control before starting a family, postpartum contraception, or permanent sterilization you have choices. Here are a few of the options available to you:

Reversible Contraception

Temporary contraceptions range from the patch, pill, and the ring vs. an IUD, depoProvera, Nexplanon, or the MINIpill. Each has benefits and other factors to weigh out before making your choice…[read more]

Permanent Sterilization

Permanent birth control or Sterilization is available for those who do not wish to worry about maintaining a contraceptive routine any longer…[read more]

Postpartum Birth Control

After the birth of your child you will have several decisions to make from work to day care to strollers. Luckily, birth control isn’t a very difficult one. There are many options available to you when you are ready…[read more]

Intrauterine Devices

An IUD is an intrauterine device. The IUD is safe, effective, reversible, and there is nothing to remember to take every day…[read more]


Nexplanon has a similar mechanism to depoProvera, the MINIpill and the progesterone IUD Mirena. Nexplanon is an implantable medicine stick…[read more]

How to Take “The Pill”

The “Pill” is a medicine that contains estrogen and progesterone. When taken daily, it prevents pregnancy…[read more]