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Hysteroscopic Tubal Blocking

Ensure is a Permanent birth control method. This Irreversible so you should be absolutely sure about getting your tubes tied, because we can not take it back. The published failure rate of the surgery is basically ZERO (99.8%). The benefits to this procedure are effective contraception without having to remember to do anything to prevent pregnancy. No more pills or shots or condoms, or anything else. And, there is NO incision, at all.


Laparoscopic tubal ligation, done through the belly button OR something reversible are alternatives to this procedure. The risk of getting pregnant after hysteroscopic tubal blocking are virtualy none. The company web site reports efficacy of 99.8%, which is almost perfect. I am not aware of any published medical studies confirming the company’s claim of 99.8%.

What it Entails

coilsA minor surgery called a hysteroscopy, which is a telescope through the cervix and into the uterus, is performed. It can include everything from a local anesthetic only, to sedation, to general anesthesia. We can use as little anesthetic as you need, so you can go on with your busy day, the same day. OR, we can make it so you feel and remember nothing. During this procedure a coil is placed in the Fallopian tubes. The coiled material, when placed in the Fallopian tube, blocks the tube over time. All tubes are blocked by three months. We do a special x-ray test to PROVE that both tubes are blocked, three months after the procedure. The test takes about 10 minutes. It is done at the hospital, and it is included in the fee for the procedure. You must continue to use some other form of birth control until the x-ray test confirms the tubes are blocked. The x-ray test is called HSG, or hysterosalpingogram.


The following information is very detailed, and is simply meant to be complete. This is a VERY safe surgery. The topic is complicated. Hysteroscopy surgery is surgery through the cervix, into the uterus, without making an incision. As a result, hysteroscopy is really safe. We do not use anything sharp or energy source…so there are no risks from cutting something that is not supposed to be cut, and no risks of burning something that is not supposed to get burned. [This is DIFFERENT from laparoscopic tubal ligation, where we use “sharp instruments” to enter the belly AND sometimes we use electricity to “burn” the tubes.”]


Typical Time in Hospital: This depends upon the degree of sedation we use. The less you are sedated, the shorter the process. For sedation, hospital time is about 4 hours.

Typical Recovery Time/Return to Regular Activities: There may be some menstrual like cramping after the procedure. And if you are sedated, you need to wake up. You should be at 100% in a few hours, or in 8-12 hours after sedation.

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