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Birth Center

If you’re expecting, it’s common to feel excited, nervous and a little fearful all at the same time. Birth Center at Southwest Health gives you the personal care you and your family need to help prepare for and deliver your newborn in a warm and caring environment. Additional Resources:

OB Providers

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Kevin Carr, MD

Jessica Schmid, DO

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Ann Lucas, MD


New mothers are free to have visitors stop by and share the joy of a new birth. However, to ensure privacy and rest for new mothers and safety for babies, we ask visitors to follow these guidelines:

  • Fathers, grandparents, brothers, and sisters of the baby may visit you anytime in your room.
  • Mothers and fathers are allowed in the nursery under nurse supervision. All other visitors may look through the nursery window or see the baby in the mother’s room.
  • For the baby’s well-being, all visitors must wash their hands before holding the baby.
  • The nurse in charge of Birth Center is responsible for monitoring visitors.

During Labor

Although we understand and encourage the presence of a support person(s) during labor, we ask that no more than two persons are present. We encourage you to make arrangements in advance for one or two primary support person(s) and ask others to not visit until after you have delivered. By limiting visitation during labor, we allow you the important freedom to make informed and uninterrupted decisions about your childbirth experience.

Birth Center Classes

There is no greater experience in life than giving birth to a child. Our classes provide the confidence and knowledge you need to make your child’s birth the joyful experience it should be.

FAQs of Life

Birth Center’s FAQs of Life booklet is our gift to new families in celebration of the birth of their child. Once you arrive home, you’ll continue to have questions about the proper care for your baby. While we encourage you to call us anytime, day or night, we hope you’ll find many answers in the FAQs of Life. The booklet topics include:

Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum Care Medication Follow-up Care Postpartum Depression Taking Care of Baby Feeding Your Baby Sleep Diapering Care of the Umbilical Cord Giving Baby a Bath Care of the Circumcision Infant Safety Bottle-Feeding Breast-Feeding Jaundice

Birth Center at Southwest Health 1400 Eastside Road • Platteville, WI  53818 • (608) 348-2331



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