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Labor & Delivery


Labor is when contractions become regular and the cervix begins to dilate. Also, by definition, labor starts when the water bag breaks. Sometimes it is obvious when labor starts, but sometimes it’s not so clear. Here are some tools to help you prepare for and manage your labor.


Whether you’ve done it before or are preparing for your first delivery there is a lot that happens and it can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some resources to help you prepare for what to expect when it’s time to delivery your baby.


Occasionally things don’t always progress as planned when it comes to labor and delivery. You might already have an idea of potential challenges that you may face. If you are expecting a normal delivery chances are you will be just fine. But, here are some terms and conditions that you could hear should you run into trouble. Remember, these are Not common and you should discuss any questions you have about them with the doctor.

Going Home

The postpartum weeks are marked by a variety of experiences – medical, emotional and logistical. The process of taking care of a baby is wonderful, demanding, and occasionally overwhelming. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t appear until six weeks. And things may not really get easier until three months. In the meanwhile, here are some tools to help you through