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After Your Delivery

Going Home from the Hospital

The postpartum weeks are marked by a variety of experiences – medical, emotional and logistical. The process of taking care of a baby is wonderful, demanding, and occasionally overwhelming. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t appear until six weeks. And things may not really get easier until three months. In the meanwhile, here are some tools to help you through



Going Home From the Hospital After a Miscarriage

Recovering from miscarriage and D&C is relatively straight forward. There are not very many special things to do, or Not to do. Basically, the bleeding and the cramps should go away, and in a day or two, you should feel normal. If you are not getting better…[read more]

Getting Pregnant Again

Women should wait for One Normal period after miscarriage before getting pregnant again. The normal period will clean out and reset the lining of the uterus, preparing for a healthy pregnancy. There may be a higher chance of another miscarriage if the next pregnancy follows too close to a miscarriage…[read more]


NO MATTER WHAT we can describe on paper, if a pregnant woman is having symptoms which just don’t add up or if something is JUST NOT RIGHT, then call the office or go to the hospital to be evaluated. Important Phone Numbers