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Other Topics

Exercise & Sex

Know what’s safe to do and how to deal with discomfort when it comes to exercise and sex during pregnancy…[read more]

Food & Pregnancy

There is a lot of information out there regarding what foods to eat, or not to eat, in pregnancy. Many people and organizations claim benefits from certain dietary supplements and vitamins. Here is a list of foods and food preparation issues related to mother’s and baby’s safety…[read more]

Genetic Testing

There are a number of tests which look for birth defects caused by abnormal chromosomes…[read more]


All of your questions about flu shots, vaccines, tuberculosis and more answered here…[read more]


There are many resources available to women seeking help with, advice for, or support while breastfeeding. All this outside help can be both a blessing and a burden. Sometimes it is difficult for nursing mothers to tell the difference…[read more]

Medication Use

Most over the counter medicines for colds, allergies and heartburn are safe in pregnancy. If the symptoms don’t improve you should Stop taking the medicine and talk to your doctor or practitioner…[read more]

Pain in the Pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, and the uterus stretches, often there can be pain. Growing pains is one category of pain in pregnancy…[read more]


The ACOG said it is safe for air travel until 36 weeks gestation, which is Four weeks before the due date. After that point, travel is restricted for practical reasons rather than medical reasons…[read more]