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Medication Use

What’s safe to take while pregnant

Night Time
Steroid Inhalers
Asthma Medication
Aches and Pains
Getting Pregnant While on Medication

Most over the counter medicines for colds, allergies and heartburn are safe in pregnancy. If the symptoms don’t improve you should Stop taking the medicine and talk to your doctor or practitioner. The following medicines should be considered safe in pregnancy. (Only take these medicines according to the labeled dosage directions)


  • Tums and Rolaids – calcium carbonate
  • Maalox – aluminum and magnesium
  • Zantac / Pepcid – ranitidine / famotidine (H2)
  • Prilosec / Prevacid / Nexium – omeprazole / lansoprazole  /esomprazole  (PPI)

Cold & Flu

  • Cough– Dextromethorphan
  • Chest Congestion – Guaifenesin
  • Nasal Decongestant – phenylephrine
  • NO Alcohol / ethanol – like in some versions of NyQuil

Nighttime Cold Medicines

These usually contain the drowsy-antihistamines, which are sedating:

  • Diphenhydramine
  • Doxylamine
  • Chlorpheniramine
  • Brompheniramine

Allergies, Sneezing, Itchy Eyes & Throat   

Antihistamines (sedating)

  • Diphenhydramine
  • Doxylamine
  • Chlorpheniramine
  • Brompheniramine.

Antihistamines (non drowsy)

  • Loratadine
  • Cetirizine

NO ALLEGRA (fexofenadine).  

Steroid Inhalers & Nose Sprays

For treatment of asthma AND allergies

  • Azelastine – antihistamine
  • Beclomethasone – Qvar
  • Budesonide – Plumicort
  • Flunisolide – Aerobid
  • Fluticasone – Flovent and Advair
  • Mometasone – Nasonex
  • Triamcinolone – Azmacort

NO AFRIN (oxymetazoline)  

Asthma Specific Medication

  • Ipratropium – atrovent and anti cholinergic
  • Salbutemol – rescue
  • Albuterol – rescue
  • Montelukast – anti leukotriene

Aches & Pains

Acetaminophen – Tylenol, is OK.

Pain during pregnancy falls into two general categories: headache pain and all other pains. Headaches and migraines in pregnancy are not discussed here. This discussion is limited to NON-headache severe pain…[read more]


Getting Pregnant after Stopping Medication

Medications typically used to mange endometriosis type pain and painful periods are contraceptive: like birth control pills and Depo Provera. Some women take leuprolide acetate to mange their pain. Patients need to stop these medicines when it is time to get pregnant…[read more]

Other Types of Medication

You should discuss all other types of medication you are taking with your doctor prior to becoming pregnant to assure it is safe for you and the baby. If you have questions about other types of medications please contact us to schedule an appointment.