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3rd Trimester (26+ wk)

3rd Trimester – The Finish Line

You’re almost there momma – 26 weeks and counting! Hang tight, the coming weeks are going to prepare you for your upcoming delivery. While you’re probably busy painting baby’s room and opening shower gifts, if you haven’t already, you should consider packing your hospital bag and getting together your plan of action for when “it’s time.” Make sure that you arrange care for any other children in the home for when you go into labor as well as a backup plan for getting to the hospital…just in case. Here are topics to review during the third trimester of pregnancy:

GBS Screening

Between 35 and 37 weeks all mothers are tested group B strep. This is a bacteria that makes about 1/2000 babies really sick. We can prevent this illness in most babies by giving antibiotics to mothers in labor. We do not have to give antibiotics to all mothers, just those who have GBS. We can not see GBS, so we have to test for it. The right time to test is 35-37 weeks. Treatment is usually intravenous penicillin during labor and delivery…[read more]

Diet & Weight Gain

We know very little about diet and weight gain in pregnancy. Sure, there is lots published on the topic. Many doctors, mothers, mother-in-laws, web sites and books have some very strong statements and opinions about the topic. Unfortunately, most of what you hear about the topic was made up, decades ago, and just passed on, year after year, generation after generation…[read more]

Fetal Movement & Kick Counts

Pregnant moms and obstetrical providers rely heavily on fetal movement for confirmation that everything is safe and healthy for the pregnancy. Some babies move all the time, so much so that a pregnant mom is persistently uncomfortable and may even have trouble sleeping. Other moms have difficulty feeling the baby move, even when other tests demonstrate a healthy baby growing and moving normally…[read more]